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The Influential Fundraiser: Using the Psychology of Persuasion to Achieve Outstanding Results by Bernard Ross & Clare Segal
  • Find out what the 5Ps of Influence are, and how you can use them to be a more successful fundraiser.
  • Discover how to frame and organize your passion to help you achieve the outcome you want.
  • Learn how to build rapport with "difficult" or "different" people.
  • Find out what the nine fundraising "No's" are, and how you can respond to each or them in a way that will lead to a more positive outcome.

About the Author

Bernard Ross is co-director of The Management Centre (=mc) (, an internationally-based management consultancy that works exclusively with charities and other nonprofit organizations. Contact him at

Clare Segal is co-founder and co-director of The Management Centre. She can be reached at

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