Zone of Insolvency: How Nonprofits Avoid Hidden Liabilities and Build Financial Strength

by Ron Mattocks


Zone of Insolvency shines a bright and urgent light on the real issue of creating financial strength across the whole spectrum of nonprofit organizations. This insightful book uniquely shows you how to rise above “business as usual” with workable solutions to launch your organization out of the Zone of Insolvency and into financial viability.

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  • Find out if your organization is in the Zone of Insolvency and understand the related legal responsibilities and liabilities of operating in financial distress.
  • Learn how to move your organization out of the Zone of Insolvency into financial viability.
  • Discover the common characteristics of both financially distressed and financially strong nonprofits.
  • Rate your organization’s financial position by working through a 20-point assessment that will position your organization for action.


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About the Author

Ron Mattocks is a consultant, lecturer and author with over 30 years experience developing financial strength for nonprofit organizations. He has served as executive staff, board member and/or consultant with a wide array of nonprofits, and specializes in helping nonprofit organizations identify the liabilities of living in the Zone of Insolvency. He can be reached at

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