When People Care Enough to Act, 2nd Edition

by Mike Green with Henry Moore and John O'Brien


Enriching each other, this book provides a clear exposition of ABCD (Asset Based Community Development) organizing principles & best practices for community partnership.

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  • Learn how to be an effective community builder by engaging in the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach.
  • Create productive connections by exploring the five building blocks of community and their pre-existing assets.
  • Address community problems by building strength through three interconnected activities and a framework for action.
  • Leverage the authors’ proven community organizing principles that guide collective action.

1 review for When People Care Enough to Act, 2nd Edition

  1. No matter what role you play in your community and how you’re impacted by the problem you wish to solve, you’ll find the authors’ method of applying the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model a practical and well-supported approach to community building. ABCD captures the attention of leaders and citizens throughout our neighborhoods and communities not only because of its focus on teasing out a community’s greatest assets, but also because of the genuine success experienced in each of its case studies. Nonprofit leaders who know that tackling their complex social issues requires coordination with others can benefit greatly from this workbook.

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About the Author

Mike Green has worked for 25 years as a community organizer to help groups of people come together for collective action. Mike has experience developing neighborhood resident organizations, congregation-based organizations and community partnerships to address social and economic issues. He was the training director of the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Neighborhood Circle, which was a learning organization of over 20 community organizations across North America to learn what works and what does not work to use ABCD community organizing. He helped start a small public school in Denver where students, parents, neighbors, teachers and principal were all partners. Founder of three successful small businesses, Mike is also a licensed clinical social worker and family therapist. Find out more at www.mike-green.org.

Henry Moore was the son of a tobacco sharecropper in rural North Carolina. He graduated from North Carolina A & T State University and earned a master’s degree in urban studies from the University of Maryland. He worked in government and community building for more than 30 years. Moore passed away in 2006.

John O’Brien learns about building more just and inclusive communities from people with disabilities, their families and their allies. He uses what he learns to advise people with disabilities and their families, advocacy groups, service providers and governments and to spread the news among people interested in change through writing and workshops.

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