The Nonprofit Leadership Team: Building the Board-Executive Director Partnership

by Fisher Howe


The Nonprofit Leadership Team is written for nonprofit executive directors and CEOs, senior staff, board members and nonprofit consultants. It focuses on the key leadership team— the board and its chair and the executive director— and shows how the constituents can work in partnership to lead an effective, healthy organization.

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  • Find out how your Leadership Team-the board, its chair and the executive director-can work in partnership to lead an effective, healthy organization.
  • Discover what the board expects of the executive, and what the executive expects of the board and its individual members.
  • Find out what the six functions of governance and six functions of management are-and who is responsible for which function when the two overlap.
  • Learn what challenges confront the Leadership Team when the functions of governance and management coincide, as well as how to overcome them.


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About the Author

Fisher Howe is a consultant for nonprofit organizations with the Washington, D.C. firm of Lavender/Howe & Associates. Among other positions he has held in nonprofit organizations, he was assistant dean and executive director of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. He can be reached at

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