The Nonprofit Business Plan: The Leader’s Guide to Creating a Successful Business Model

by David La Piana, Heather Gowdy, Lester Olmstead-Rose, Brent Copen


Nonprofits often use the terms “strategic planning” and “business planning” interchangeably, but a good business plan goes beyond the traditional strategic plan with its focus on mission and vision, goals and objectives.

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  • Find out what six questions every planning team should answer at the beginning of the business planning process.
  • Understand the method for assessing the health of an organization’s current business model.
  • Determine what the basic framework is for creating your plan and discover the specific financial tools nonprofit leaders can use.
  • Learn about the important differences between strategic planning and business planning and how the two efforts should interact with one another.


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About the Author

David La Piana is the bestselling author of The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution and The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook. He is a leading expert on strategy for nonprofit organizations. He is the founder of La Piana Consulting, a firm specializing in strategy and business planning, mergers and other forms of strategic restructuring for nonprofit organizations.

Heather Gowdy is senior manager for research and innovation with La Piana Consulting and coauthor of Convergence: How Five Trends Reshape the Social Sector.

Lester Olmstead-Rose is partner at La Piana Consulting and a leading strategy consultant.

Brent Copen is chief financial officer at Asian Americans for Community Involvement and former senior manager at La Piana Consulting.

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