The Charismatic Organization: 8 Ways to Grow a Nonrpofit that Builds Buzz, Delights Donors, and Energizes Employees

by Shirley Sagawa and Deborah Jospin


The authors offer a framework that allows organizations to go beyond quick fixes and fundraising strategies to a broader paradigm that encompasses community and organization building. The book provides numerous examples of how successful organizations have made this shift, as well as action steps that all organizations can take to perform better.

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  • Discover the five essential qualities of a strong organizational core, and how building that core helps your organization recruit and retain supporters.
  • Find out how building your organization’s social capital leads to more committed staff, donors, and volunteers, as well as to other essential forms of capital – financial, human, and political.
  • Learn how to restructure your organization, both internally and externally, to become more charismatic – and more effective.
  • Discover new tools for communications and outreach to attract more people and resources to your organization.


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About the Author

Shirley Sagawa is a national leader, expert on policy and philanthropy, and former presidential advisor. She has been called the “founding mother of the modern service movement.”

Deborah Jospin is the former director of AmeriCorps. Prior to that position, she served as the associate general counsel for the Corporation for National and Community Service and as chief of staff to the CEO.  Together, Sagawa and Jospin are cofounders of sagawa/jospin, a strategic consulting firm for nonprofit organizations. To reach the authors, visit or

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