The Cash Flow Solution: A Nonprofit Board Member’s Guide to Financial Success

by Richard & Anna Linzer


Many nonprofits rely on conventional methods of making and managing money—from donations to cash reserves, endowments, and capital building campaigns—in hopes of securing financial stability for the future. Yet these acquired funds often remain tantalizingly out of reach for day-to-day operations; the balance sheet may look good, but the actual cash available is often surprisingly low.

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Because board members are responsible for ensuring the long-term financial stability of the organization they serve, it is crucial that they understand the fiscal position of the organization. But board members are busy volunteers and don’t necessarily have the financial acumen it takes to interpret financial conditions and make financial policies. Fiscal management needs to be simple and easily understood by all board members, not just those on the finance committee. The cash flow approach outlined in this book gives board members the tools they need to both easily grasp the financial situation of the organization and help them use the organization’s operating dollars to fulfill its mission.


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About the Author

Richard Linzer is a consultant and facilitator who works with a cross-section of businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies in the areas of financial management, board development, group facilitation, institutional analysis and strategic planning.

Anna Linzer is a poet and writer who, with Richard, leads retreats and sessions on nonprofit financial management. Her book of fiction, Ghost Dancing, received the American Book Award in 1999.

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