The Ask: How to Ask for Support for Your Nonprofit Cause, Creative Project or Business Venture

by Laura Fredricks


This thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling book The Ask is filled with suggestions, guidelines, and down-to-earth advice that will give you the confidence to ask anyone for any size gift, for any purpose.

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  • Enlighten your fundraising efforts with the author’s analysis of our society’s views on money.
  • Learn how to formulate an effective case statement and business plan.
  • Determine how to select the right people at the right time and in the right location to make the Ask.
  • Gather solutions to a myriad of responses to the Ask through sample dialogs and apply the author’s guidance on the crucial business of follow-up.

1 review for The Ask: How to Ask for Support for Your Nonprofit Cause, Creative Project or Business Venture

  1. “Asking is an essential and fundamentally important part of anyone’s life,” says Fredricks. If you are involved with a nonprofit in a primary, part-time or volunteer position, you need to know how to ask for money. Particularly when economic times are challenging, everyone needs to be involved in the fundraising effort—not just the hired fundraiser. Fredricks argues you will gain new and special knowledge in her book that builds a road map to direct you on how to make any Ask. Additionally, this knowledge translates into successful asking patterns for your personal life.

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About the Author

Laura Fredricks, JD, is an expert fundraiser, an internationally known inspirational speaker, and principal owner of her own boutique consulting company for nonprofits and businesses ( In addition to this book, she is the author of The Ask: How to Ask Anyone for Any Amount for Any Purpose and Developing Major Gifts. Prior to opening her own company, Laura was the vice president for philanthropy at Pace University in New York City, where she raised $92 million in six years. She has been teaching nonprofit business management and fundraising techniques since 1994 for the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Duke University, New York University and the Smithsonian Institute. See more at

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