Nonprofit Strategic Positioning: Decide Where to Be, Plan What to Do

by Thomas A. McLaughlin


Nonprofit Strategic Positioning: Decide Where to Be, Plan What to Do is the first nonprofit-oriented book to describe strategic positioning as an alternative to traditional strategic planning.

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  • Find out why the classic SWOT analysis in traditional strategic planning doesn’t work.
  • Learn how to use six distinct steps to develop a strategic position for your organization.
  • Discover your organization’s strengths by using the principles of strength-based internal scanning.
  • Learn how to scan your organization’s future, including seven specific strategic factors that affect all nonprofits.


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About the Author

Thomas A. McLaughlin is Principal for Consulting Services at CCR, LLC in Boston, Massachusetts and a national leader in financing nonprofits, strengthening their financial health and improving their capacity to serve their communities. He is nationally recognized as an expert in nonprofit mergers and alliances, having consulted nonprofits in over 200 such collaborations. He is contributing editor for the Nonprofit Times, for which he writes a monthly column, and is the author of Streetsmart Financial Basics for Nonprofit Managers, Third Edition (Wiley). He is also a member at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

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