Exposing the Elephants: Creating Exceptional Nonprofits

by Pamela Wilcox


Providing an insider’s look into the need for change, Exposing the Elephants: Creating Exceptional Nonprofits gives an eye-opening assessment of the state of the nonprofit sector today, as well as practical and useful recommendations for real change from within.

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Anyone who works in a nonprofit is familiar with the five problem elephants presented in this book. The paradox, of course, is that no one wants to talk about them. Yet ignoring these elephants keep organizations from becoming great instead of good. This book gives readers a description of each disruptive pachyderm, as well as Live Lessons-real situations from actual nonprofits-that show the effect these elephants have on nonprofits on a day-to-day basis. Tools and techniques to tame these pesky pachyderms are also explored.


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About the Author

Pamela J. Wilcox has over 20 years of executive and nonprofit leadership experience. She is founder and president of SAVé—Staff and Volunteer Excellence—which devises new ways of thinking about nonprofit leadership and is dedicated to advising and helping leadership teams across all nonprofit sectors.

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