Embracing Cultural Competency: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Capacity Builders

by Patricia St. Onge


No “how-to” manual exists on cultural competency. And, compared to other topics in nonprofit management, little exists on the skills and strategies needed to address racism and inequity. Building cultural competency is an ongoing journey that nonprofit leaders choose to take because they know the end result will be a more inclusive, connected, and effective organization. Patricia St. Onge and her contributing authors help readers grapple with the urgent issues that can transform capacity builders into change agents in the nonprofit sector.

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  • Discover a framework to help discuss issues related to cultural competency and learn about the methods, practices and values that define it
  • Encounter a mosaic of perspectives surrounding cultural competency through interviews, peer dialogue and personal insights from contributing authors who represent five major ethnic communities.
  • Understand the complexities within ethnic communities and gain insights into the nature of institutionalized racism.
  • Reinforce the importance of examining and dismantling institutional inequities.


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About the Author

Patricia St. Onge (Six Nations) is a partner in Seven Generations Consulting Company, providing coaching, training, consulting and technical assistance in the areas of community organizing, social change advocacy, organizational development, cross-cultural effectiveness, consensus building, and executive, spiritual, and personal coaching. St. Onge is the former director of education and training and current affiliate consultant at the National Community Development Institute, a technical assistance intermediary working in grassroots communities of color. Patricia also served as executive director for several nonprofit agencies including Habitat for Humanity at affiliates in Boston, Oakland and San Francisco before becoming western regional director. St. Onge has a degree in human services from Southern New Hampshire University and a master’s in divinity from the Pacific School of Religion. You can contact Patricia at stonge.patricia@gmail.com.

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