Data Driven Nonprofits

by Steve MacLaughlin


The nonprofit sector has grown dramatically in the last two decades and part of that trajectory has involved the growing use of technology. However, Steve MacLaughlin argues that nonprofits aren’t using data nearly as much as they could be to move their missions forward. This book focuses primarily on fundraising as the critical element needed to advance an organization. In each chapter, MacLaughlin uses interviews and case stories to explore the variety of ways in which nonprofits, big and small, use data to accelerate change.


  • Learn why data is important to you and your organization.
  • Identify common challenges to becoming more data driven.
  • Encounter organizations of all shapes and sizes that have become more data driven.
  • Explore what the future holds for nonprofits that embrace a data driven mindset.


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About the Author

Steve MacLaughlin is Vice President of Data & Analytics at Blackbaud and is considered an expert on the nonprofit sector. His views on the philanthropic world have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times and on NPR. MacLaughlin serves on the board of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events. Steve earned both his undergraduate degree and a Master of Science degree in Interactive Media from Indiana University.

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