Asking Rights: Why Some Nonprofits Get Funded (and Some Don’t)

by Tom Ralser


Why do some nonprofits seem to effortlessly raise money, while others struggle? It’s because they have earned the right to ask for money. They have learned that to be successful in today’s funding environment, they must keep the investor’s perspective in mind, utilize the advantages of rational asks, and always focus on the outcomes delivered.

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  • Understand today’s nonprofit investors and why organizations often alienate them.
  • Discover why, challenging the conventional wisdom about successful fundraising approaches, funders seek more than just emotionally based appeals.
  • Understand the importance of and difference between measurement, outcomes and value propositions.
  • Prepare to use and apply the Investment-Driven Model, encounter examples from the real world, and uncover a checklist of necessary steps.


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About the Author

Tom Ralser is a principal with Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, which uses all the tools available to successfully secure funding for its clients. Tom has personally worked with nonprofits in all 50 states on more than 500 funding projects, and his ROI-based approach has raised an estimated $1.1 to $1.6 billion dollars. His first book, ROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability, represented a major change in how to capitalize on today’s motivations of those who are most likely to invest in today’s nonprofits. Learn more at

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