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Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia Multigenerational Management Ideas That Are Changing the Way We Run Things by Brad Szollose
  • Take the multigenerational gap that divides your workforce and transform it into an engine of performance and innovation.
  • Nurture a vastly diverse and talent-rich workforce by learning how to put people first.
  • Find out why you should foster a creative culture that supports reinvention from the mailroom to the boardroom.
  • Discover the seven laws necessary to become a Liquid Leader who leaves a lasting legacy.

About the Author

Brad Szollose is a recognized thought leader, entrepreneur, business coach and speaker who specializes in transitioning leaders from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. Brad cofounded K2 Design, Inc., which became the first dot-com agency to go public. During Brads tenure at K2, the company experienced 425 percent growth and received the Arthur Andersen Enterprise Award for Best Practices for Fostering Innovation.

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