Recruit board members that are advocates—not drab-vocates

CausePlanet is tackling board governance this month with an article feature coming from national expert, coach, and author of Leveraging Good Will, Alice Korngold. She’s worked with national boards for more than 20 years so keep your eyes peeled mid-month.

Additionally, CausePlanet is offering a workshop for Denver nonprofit leaders with nonprofit strategist and board doctor extraordinaire, Denise Clark, at the Colorado Nonprofit Association on June 18 at 1 p.m. We call these workshops Fast Food for Thought because we cover terrific solutions on a nonprofit topic as well as feature a Page to Practice summary in 60 minutes. This month’s Fast Food for Thought is board governance and covers highlights from Exposing the Elephants by Pamela Wilcox, which tackles pesky personalities and problems on boards that undermine progress (apologies for the alliteration).

Don’t forget to visit our Page to Practice book summary this month, which is stop-you-in-your-tracks look at philanthrocapitalism, by Michael Edwards and called Small Change.

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