Raise your hand if you think planned giving is hard

“If planned giving is so good for both nonprofit organizations and the donors who support them, why don’t more organizations have a planned giving program,” asks Michael Rosen, author of Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing. This question is rhetorical because Rosen knows the answer. When Michael and I recently spoke on the phone, he said he likes to ask his audiences to raise their hands if they think planned giving is difficult. When the majority of the room responds, he’s never surprised. His goal with training groups and in his book is to simplify and demystify the process for fundraisers.

Nonprofits are missing major opportunities to cultivate funds due to the planned giving myths of perceived complexity and difficulty of implementation.

Missed opportunities

Rosen says, “First, there is a significant gap in what traditional planned-gift marketing is achieving and what people are willing to consider. Second, traditional planned-gift marketing is just scratching the surface of planned giving potential.”

Debunking the myths

Michael Rosen gives detailed steps to market your planned-gift program to inspire donors. He emphasizes tapping people in their prime and focusing on their motivations. He addresses active recruitment, stewardship and much more. He provides you with an explicit plan to move forward with a planned giving program.

Join us on Thursday, Oct 17, at 11:00 am CST

Register now and join us for a lively discussion about how to simplify and incorporate planned gift marketing into your daily fundraising efforts with expert and author Michael Rosen.

Questions in this interview will touch on the book’s following highlights:

Identify who makes planned gifts and assess your organization’s potential for planned giving.

Understand planned gift donors’ motivations and how these fuel the author’s recommended approaches.

Explore how to educate and cultivate planned gift prospects and professional advisors.

Engage in effective asks and stewardship practices.

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