Managing citizen marketers – when people are the message

Throughout the world, people with a broadband connection and several inexpensive or free tools are influencing people’s perceptions of billion-dollar corporations—and turning traditional marketing on its head. These “citizen marketers” are everyday people who are using the power of “social media”—blogs, podcasts and social networks—to create content about products, brands, services or people—whether companies like it or not.

Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message examines the role of citizen marketers in today’s marketing world, as well as the significant changes caused by social media. The authors also provide a framework for working with—instead of against—these new consumer evangelists.

Citizen marketers don’t often represent the average person, member, customer or citizen. Instead, they are driven by passion, creativity and a sense of duty, oftentimes spending thousands of their own dollars—not to mention their time—to help a person or brand about which they feel passionate. The authors divide these people into four categories: Filters, Fanatics, Facilitators and Firecrackers.

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