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Are your employees happy or hunting?

One of my CausePlanet contributors, Deborah Dale Brackney, submitted a terrific post this week about employee retention and happiness. When I read her article, I knew Shawn Achor’s ears were burning. Achor recently published The Happiness Advantage: Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work. Shawn Achor is one of the world’s leading experts on human potential, having researched and lectured in 42 countries, working to bridge the gap between the science of happiness and performance in our everyday lives.

Shawn Achor has written The Happiness Advantage because the success formula is broken. We typically think that if we reach that sales goal or increase that fundraising margin, we’ll be happy. Years of groundbreaking but rarely circulated research in positive psychology tells us that the reverse, in fact, is true. Happiness is actually the precursor to success. When you increase your happiness levels, you experience more successful outcomes and can work smarter and faster. Achor shares seven principles of positive psychology that fuel performance, as taught in Harvard’s famed Happiness Course to companies worldwide. Brackney’s article below provides more information about our book summary of The Happiness Advantage.

The greener grass in front of me

Recently, human resource newsletters and blogs have focused again on the importance of employee retention. Even with chronically high unemployment, there is recognition amongst employers and employees that employee flight may be imminent. New studies by the Hay Group and the Corporate Leadership Council suggest that employees are getting frustrated with their current employers. Employees feel overworked, underpaid and undervalued. As a result, as many as six in 10 employees are looking to exit, according to the Hay Group. Some 85 percent of those not looking remain with their current employer while the job market is so weak, but plan to start looking the minute unemployment lessens its grip. Some nonprofits are already feeling the pinch as key staff such as executive directors and development staff are leaving, and finding good employees is not easy despite the number of resumes that … Read more

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