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“Up and Out of Poverty” has implications for Haiti

Our February Page to Practice book summary of Up and Out of Poverty presents a timely look at social marketing and a methodology for creating social change. While the poverty issue serves as a case study throughout the book, it is clear that Kotler and Lee’s thoughtful and concise 10-step social marketing plan applies to a multitude of organizations tackling the greater good. Here’s an excerpt from CausePlanet’s February Page to Practice book summary and Q&As as well as Nancy Lee’s link for creating your own social marketing worksheet.

CausePlanet: In light of the recent earthquake in Haiti, are there any strategies that relief organizations can adopt from your book that would help them be the most effective and efficient they can be?

Kotler and Lee: Haiti represents an emergency situation rather than a settled situation involving poor people and poor communities. Social marketing is most appropriate in the later case. In emergency situations, everything must be done to save lives by supplying food, water and housing. Social marketing’s role in this situation would be to discourage persons from engaging in behaviors that will cause or spread disease or lead to unsafe outcomes.

Key to success will be following fundamental steps in the social marketing model, especially: segmenting the market and prioritizing target audiences; determining a few single, simple, doable behaviors that would help; and then understanding and addressing barriers to these behaviors.

CausePlanet: What are the first steps our readers should take after reading your book?

Kotler and Lee: Download our social marketing planning worksheets on one of two Web sites: or Use these to develop a social marketing plan focused on influencing a target audience to adopt a desired behavior (ideally a single, simple, doable one to start).

CausePlanet: Is there anything else you feel our readers should take away from your book?

Kotler and Lee: Our hope is that readers experience that the real magic of marketing is (simply) a customer-oriented approach. We spend time defining and understanding what barriers our target audience has to performing desired behaviors, and we develop programs that reduce these barriers and increase personal benefits.

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