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National Council offers flu kit

President Obama just declared the H1N1 flu to be a national emergency. Although his proclamation doesn’t signal any reason to panic, it does mean that nonprofits, especially those that deal with residential services, child care, elder care and especially health services, will be hard hit in the coming months — both on the client side and when their own staff and volunteers get sick.

The National Council of Nonprofits just issued an H1N1 Flu Preparedness toolkit for nonprofits that will help them deal with the impact of the flu. It is designed to help nonprofit leaders recognize that they are responsible for ensuring the continuity of their business operations and the fulfillment of their missions, and includes a variety of helpful resources, from “Suggested action steps” to “Business Planning/Continuity Planning.” All nonprofits need to be prepared to address the needs of both their clients and their own employees and volunteers, and this toolkit will help.

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