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Distracted at work? Tune in for ways to refocus

drivenA few books periodically capture my attention because I can’t stop thinking about them. We recently featured Dr. Ned Hallowell’s book, Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive. Dr. Hallowell’s book is one of those books that I keep bringing up to friends and using to help me block out distractions.

Now, Dr. Hallowell is doing a series of podcasts for easy access to his ideas. The series, Distraction (, is hosted by Dr. Ned Hallowell. The first episode is called “An Exploration of Distraction,” delving into how people are easily distracted in this crazy-busy world, examples of what happens to them, some of their solutions for solving it, and an interview with renowned neuroscientist Dan Levitan on what triggers distraction in people.

People can listen and subscribe on the following link:

Dr. Hallowell doesn’t just give superficial ways to refocus; he delves into the root cause so you can conquer your chaos. This podcast is well worth checking out!

See a book summary of this title:

Driven to Distraction at Work

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