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Build nonprofit momentum through better business (Audio)

Join us for our first installment of an interview with Deirdre Maloney, author of “The Mission Myth,” here.

In the interview, Maloney discusses her comprehensive book about “building nonprofit momentum through better business.” Maloney is now the founder and president of Momentum, a consulting firm, after serving a seven-year term as Executive Director of the Colorado AIDS Project. This book compiles advice from her experience as an executive director. She covers the most important aspects of running a nonprofit organization through her four M’s (management, money, marketing and measurement) while supplying tips and pitfalls for the seasoned executive. She stresses the importance of building systems to run organizations effectively because if these systems are neglected while passionately following the mission, then we cannot “do good well.” Maloney tries to support this tough leadership position and is honest about how she learns from her mistakes. “Mild audacity” describes her style. Listen to Deirdre Maloney’s own words in her first installment and see more on “The Mission Myth.”

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