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Making changes at the board level: Are you ready for reactions?

Where do most nonprofit boards struggle with engaging in the process of actual change?

Beth Gazley and Katha Kissman would say that often it is simply starting the conversation and committing to achieving intentional change.

Gazley and Kissman, coauthors of Transformational Governance: How Boards Achieve Extraordinary Change, acknowledge that change agents also struggle with varying responses to change. The authors provide us with the “5 Cs Framework” that lists each of the responses to change you might experience. If you can anticipate different responses, you can better prepare for them when they happen.

We’ve taken the liberty of putting them into a visual for you:




If your nonprofit board needs to make some changes, Transformational Governance takes a close look at how change happened as opposed to reviewing the end results. Additionally, rather than focusing on the behaviors and qualities of the individuals who serve, light is shed on the processes board members and staff use to transform their boards.

Armed with funded research, this book fills a void in governance literature by emphasizing diagnosis and problem solving. It also offers illustrative examples and interesting case stories from a wide range of nonprofits.

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