It’s not about the networking

Every once in a while a book comes along that makes you examine everyone around you in a new light. It’s Not Just Who You Know by Tommy Spaulding did just that for me. Relationships are quirky, always changing, and no two connections are alike. Spaulding’s book examines the good, the bad and the promising through a five-floor paradigm with Fifth Floor relationships representing the best of them and the basement representing—you guessed it—the worst of them.

Nonprofit leaders who make the time to read this book will find they look at the people in their life with a different lens—a lens that sheds new light on how to nurture their professional and personal relationships so they become what Spaulding refers to as Fifth Floor relationships. This is not just a book that espouses the merits of good networking. In fact, it discourages it. Instead, Spaulding provides real examples and strategies for elevating your current relationships and how to launch new ones in the spirit of giving rather than taking. Additionally, Spaulding uses a helpful First through Fifth Floor analogy for evaluating your relationships, and provides readers with nine essential traits for committing to a new way of genuinely connecting with the people around them. You will never look at a chance meeting or formal introduction in the same way after reading this book.

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