Suggest a book and enter to win a Nook

December is Read a New Book Month! Join us in encouraging one another to delve in a new book that will have you leading your nonprofit with fresh ideas and new approaches.

Simply suggest a book and enter to win a Nook e-reader! Post a relevant business or nonprofit title that you have read or would like to read on our Facebook page and earn a chance to win a Nook e-reader! (Hint: Visit our summary store for ideas! ) Deadline: 5 p.m. MST on Dec 31.

2 responses to “Suggest a book and enter to win a Nook”

  1. I just read Cloud Computing by Patrick Callihan, CEO of TechImpact and it helped me understand why moving to the cloud is so compelling for charitable nonprofits. I recommend it!

  2. Thanks for joining the conversation about great books, Jenny! Very compelling premise and we appreciate the link!

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