PODCAST: Should nonprofits own or lease their space?

Special thanks to Richard Linzer for the author interview and lively discussion last week about Cash Flow Strategies. We covered a lot of interesting ground with our listeners and one area in particular was the discussion about owning or leasing your office space.

For those of you who are not familiar with Cash Flow Strategies, it is a simple and easy approach that involves using cash flow for budgeting, forecasting and monitoring. This book shows readers how cash flow analysis can resolve complex problems and allow you to formulate strategies that enable your organization to achieve more mission for less money.

Additionally, Richard and Anna Linzer present bold methods for acquiring much-needed capital and specific examples of how other nonprofits have compensated for gaps and appropriated surpluses in revenue.

Learn more about Cash Flow Strategies in our Page to Practice summary library and summary store . Or you can purchase the book and accompanying CD with a Cash Flow Forecaster and Real Estate Calculator at the Linzer’s website . There you’ll also find their additional books including Money Matters! A Kit for Nonprofit Board and Staff Members, It’s Easy! Money Matters for Nonprofit Managers, It’s Simple! Money Matters for the Nonprofit Board Member and The Cash Flow Solution.

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One response to “PODCAST: Should nonprofits own or lease their space?”

  1. It’s great to see some really creative suggestions to using cash flow as a tool to advance your cause! When you have something so immediate and measurable as your cash flow you’ve got a road map to easily determine how big or little a difference a new and creative approach to generating resources will be.

    When you support a cause, you will be faced with a resource gap that must be closed in order to not only survive, but have the impact your mission demands. Fresh ideas and new perspectives on how you can “repurpose” your cause’s assets is a great place to start building new revenue.

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