Three ways to a better culture & bottom line (Audio)

Unengaged employees cost time and money. So why do we have molasses-like reflexes when it comes to cultivating a positive culture in the organizations we lead?

Billions of dollars are lost every year by corporations through turnover as well as legitimate and non-legitimate sick days. Tens of thousands are lost in productivity and outcomes within a single position if it turns over or if the employee is unengaged in your nonprofit.

Michael Stallard, author of Fired Up or Burned Out, says there are many easy ways you can cultivate what he calls a “connection culture” in your workplace. CausePlanet hosted a live interview with Stallard last week and one of the questions from the attendees generated a response that centered on three steps toward a great culture (podcast).

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by Denise McMahan

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Links provided by Stallard during the interview:

Stallard mentioned in the interview:,, Indiana University Center of Philanthropy studies that assert donors stop giving due to a lack of connections: “Indiana Gives 2008” and “The Local Connection” in “Coming to the Table,” “Great Leaders Connect” (article about Admiral Clark), and the National Geographic video on stress entitled “Stress: Portrait of a Killer.”

3 responses to “Three ways to a better culture & bottom line (Audio)”

  1. Natasha says:

    I loved the podcast, what a great way to share content! I’m with you, the way to engage others is to share stories and touch their heart. This recording has so many great tips, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Hanna Cooper says:

    So true! I remember an HR person telling me 10+ years ago that it cost $10,000 to replace someone – I imagine that number is much greater now. Not leaving engagement and culture to chance is key!! Thanks for this!

  3. Love the culture of connection focus! So needed to create motivation not only in employees, but supporters as well!

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