Emotional versus rational appeals: Which one gives you asking rights?

We recently interviewed Tom Ralser about Asking Rights, which explores the differences between emotional and rational asks. Ralser explains that emotional asks have their place at the lower end of the gift pyramid but a rational approach is preferable for bigger solicitations.

Find out what Ralser has to say about emotional versus rational appeals: Tom Ralser on Emotional Versus Rational Appeals

“What really counts is what the people who actually write the checks think,” explains Ralser. More specifically, how do donor motivations inform nonprofit fundraising behavior? Ralser would say, “It’s all about the outcomes.”

We talked about outcomes in our interview: Tom Ralser on Outcomes-Based Approach

Tom Ralser asserts the rational appeal or the pursuit of earning the right to ask a donor for his investment is at the root of every successful request. Asking Rights explores how to successfully fund your nonprofit and do so with a greater focus on and understanding of the funder’s interests and motivations.

Learn more about Tom and the premise of the book: Tom Ralser on Asking Rights


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