A fresh and bold look at cash flow management

When I asked Richard and Anna Linzer why they decided to write Cash Flow Strategies after so many successful publications about financial management, they explained how this book further explores bold financial strategies within the context and limitations of our sector. Read on for the Linzer’s detailed answer to my question.

The first of our books, The Cash Flow Solution, was featured by CausePlanet and was published by Jossey-Bass as a practical, nontechnical guide to financial management for board members. It followed on the heels of three other nontechnical publications. Each of these publications sets forth concrete steps that can and should be taken by nonprofit organizations, both large and small, to foster a greater capacity for self-reliance. Many of our ideas were controversial and counterintuitive and while they work effectively for people who try them, they always seem strange to folks who simply contemplate them. Or, as one foundation official noted to us: “I can see that your ideas work in practice, but do they work in theory?”

A look at social and financial theory

Our latest book, Cash Flow Strategies: Innovations in Nonprofit Financial Management, answers this remarkably odd question. On a practical level it represents a more technical and detailed account of the approach that underpins all our work, but it also moves beyond the realm of tips and techniques for practitioners and into the realm of social and financial theory.

The book’s punch line

We urge nonprofit leaders to understand and manage their cash flow, learn how to bridge gaps or deal with surpluses effectively, and work to make all the resources in the nonprofit world flow more efficiently. That administrators and board members can work to make all the resources in the nonprofit sector flow more efficiently is the punch line of this book. And this vital conclusion contains two overarching issues: (1) Nonprofit institutions need to obtain higher levels of working capital to fulfill their mission. (2) Nonprofit institutions must reach beyond the world of philanthropy to a much broader base of societal support.

CausePlanet members: Join us for a live author interview with Richard Linzer on Thursday, June 27 at 11 a.m. CST. Learn more about what’s inside the book and how to make your resources flow more efficiently. Do away with the surprising shortfalls and find out how to maximize windfalls.

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  1. I’m all for making resources flow easily and being effective at cash flow management. So much to learn! Looking forward to the interview!

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