Y. Elaine Stephens

Yohantus Elaine Stephens, MS has a long, all-encompassing career as a marketing and public relations professional in the fashion, entertainment and higher education fields. She has worked at notable companies such as DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Nova Southeastern University and Career Education Corporation. Upon completing her Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, she has become an accomplished facilitator and certified mediator, lending her skills for two terms to the US State Department’s Foreign Service Institute as a crisis management program developer and trainer.Ms. Stephens made the shift from corporate America to nonprofit work four years ago. She spent a number of years as a volunteer corporate fundraiser and high-profile event producer for the March of Dimes and her own alma mater, LA County High School for the Arts (LACHSA, where she currently sits on the Board of Directors). Her most memorable events include the Ron Howard & Brian Grazer Tribute and the first Hollywood Tribute honoring LACHSA alum Josh Groban. She currently serves as the Director of Development and Communications at Native Americans in Philanthropy in Minneapolis.

Is your nonprofit mission-frenzied or market-driven?

It's no secret there is a noticeable drift of for-profit professionals turning in their Blackberries and travel loyalty cards for the less frenetic pace and soul-filling way of life working for a nonprofit. Bridgers, as they are sometimes called, are professionals from the marketplace bringing unique sets of talents, treasures, skills, perspectives and practices that work to increase productivity, effectiveness and

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