Vance Yoshida

Vance Yoshida, MBA, is a senior manager with La Piana Consulting ( Before joining the firm, Vance was the Director of External Relations and Development at the Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation, where he developed and implemented strategies for fundraising, development, communications, marketing and outreach for this startup global HIV/AIDS organization. He can be reached at

Does your organization have a high impact board? Seven questions to ask

Great boards have a significant impact by adding value not available to their organization’s current resources and means. High impact boards are the key difference between achieving good results and great results. They don’t spend their

Why nonprofits should explore shared administrative services

To some, sharing administrative services sounds like a great idea for streamlining operations and saving money. Others would ask whether it is really worth the effort, compared to just continuing with business as usual. What is needed is a clear-eyed

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