Tommy Spaulding

Tommy Spaulding founded Leader’s Challenge (the largest high-school civic and leadership program in Colorado) and was the CEO of Up With People, one of the largest leadership nonprofit organizations in the world. He is the founder and CEO of Spaulding Companies, a consulting firm based in Denver. Spaulding is an international speaker on leadership and has spoken to hundreds of organizations, schools and corporations on four continents. His new book,"It's Not Just Who You Know," is a New York Times bestseller and featured at CausePlanet with a Page to Practice summary. To contact him, visit

A culture of giving

Dylan Taylor showed up at my office on the Friday before Christmas with a nicely wrapped gift that, frankly, blew me away--all the baseball cards for the 1977 New York Yankees, matted and framed with a personalized plaque that said, "To the greatest Yankee fan. Love, your friend, Dylan." Dylan and I met about a year ago when he hired me to speak at the

Withstand unreliable times by making “people smart” choices

Numerous studies report that the most successful companies are those run by leaders who understand that people are the most important part of the business equation. Despite these reports, CEOs still do not prioritize

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