Sue Brundege

Sue Brundege is an Organizational Learning Facilitator at Integrated Work, providing facilitation and coaching to clients in the areas of leadership, communication, peer learning and team-building. As a certified coach, Sue provided organizational development consulting for a major healthcare system, including leadership coaching and communication skills training. She has owned her own company, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs as they grew their businesses. Prior to that, Sue worked for a global engineering and technical services firm in communication and sales training, proposal writing, and Web content management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication with an emphasis in organizational management and a master's degree in Organizational Consulting. See more at

How to run a powerful, purposeful board retreat

There are many good reasons to conduct a board retreat: to create or revisit the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic plan; clarify roles and responsibilities; orient new members; reconnect and re-energize a stagnant board; and/or address critical issues or opportunities, to name a few. However, bringing the entire board together in person can be a... Read more

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