Sarah Marino

Sarah Marino is currently a principal consultant with Partners in Nonprofit Success. She focuses on working with nonprofits and foundations to advance effectiveness, innovation and impact in the nonprofit sector.

Create a nonprofit culture of shared leadership in your organization

Many of us who grew up with the Internet simply have a different way of looking at the world compared to previous generations. Take access to information: the Internet has democratized access to and dissemination of information in some very

Build a board culture that advances fund development

One of the most frequent frustrations for nonprofit executive directors is their board of directors’ lack of involvement in fund development activities. Not only is it often challenging for nonprofit staff members to engage board members in fund

A closer look at nonprofit lifecycles

As consultants, one of the major considerations when working with clients is understanding their lifecycle stage – both their current stage and where they are headed – and what this all means for your project. For the fifth session of the Consultant Leadership Forum, Leslie Allen and Ann Goldman of Front Range Source facilitated a... Read more

Key points from “A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members”

In my work as a nonprofit consultant, one of the most frequent challenges I encounter is finding ways to get board members more engaged in an organization’s work, especially in fund development. A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members by Julia Ingraham Walker

Collective impact and what this trend means for your organization

Many trends in the nonprofit sector pop up and then fizzle as quickly as they have appeared, while a few stick around and have a significant impact on how organizations operate. After having the opportunity to work with a few organizations that are pursuing a collective impact

When seeking grant funding, remember your financials tell a story

The competition for grant funding is high, and foundations and other grantmakers are faced with making very difficult funding decisions during every grant cycle. Many foundations, for example, decline more than half the proposals

Hallmarks of effective collaboration

Effective collaboration requires a different mindset than one operating a single organization. Leaders who are over time able to shift their thinking and behavior to work as part of a group to move beyond their organization’s walls are an essential factor in

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