Rosalyn Allison-Jacobs

Rosalyn Allison-Jacobs is a senior consultant at La Piana Consulting, helping nonprofits and foundations leverage organizational strategy, structure and culture to advance their missions. She is also an experienced speaker and writer on organizational development issues, encouraging sector leaders to think creatively and act strategically to achieve measurable outcomes. Her co-authored post, “Game Changers Win By Embracing Bold Strategy,” was featured on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog in November 2013. You can reach her at

Keys to changing organizational habits

Frequently, La Piana Consulting has the privilege of supporting our strategic restructuring and strategy development clients through the implementation phase of the engagement. Reactions of managers, staff, board members and other internal stakeholders to the inevitable changes that this phase brings range from excitement, anticipation, and a sense of renewal to fatigue, apprehension, fear and... Read more

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