Robert Harrington

Bob Harrington, MSW/LCSW, is Director of Strategic Restructuring Practice at La Piana Consulting (, where he heads up La Piana’s practice in strategic restructuring and assists nonprofits with strategic restructuring (partnerships between nonprofits, such as mergers, joint ventures and administrative consolidations), strategic planning, executive/board relations, transition management, human resource issues, program planning and development, nonprofit incorporation, and collaborations, including public/private partnerships. Contact him at

Using Real-Time Strategic Planning to evaluate nonprofit partnerships

Many nonprofits are considering the spectrum of strategic restructuring options, such as partnerships and mergers, as potential strategies to enhance financial viability and achieve greater sustainability. With more than a decade of experience in this area, I

Arts and culture mergers: Trends, challenges and benefits

Mergers and other forms of partnerships between nonprofits have been on the rise for the past decade, particularly in the last five years. The reasons for this trend are numerous and include cuts in foundation and corporate funding, as well as in individual donations; a desire on the part of nonprofits to have a greater impact,

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