Rebecca Arno

Rebecca Arno is vice president of communications for The Denver Foundation (, a community foundation serving the seven-county Metro Denver area. She has worked in the nonprofit and foundation sectors in Denver and the San Francisco Bay Area for 18 years, with responsibility for communications, donor relations and fundraising. Contact her at

Stepping up to leadership

Late last year, I made the decision to serve as a board chair for two different organizations at the same time.Your initial questions might be, “Why in the world would you do such a thing?” and, “Don’t you have a full-time job?” The answer to the second

Nonprofits: Can crowdsourcing become community building?

Social media has great power to connect people within and across communities–geographic communities, communities of practice and interest and communities of faith and belief. How are nonprofit organizations mining these connections to achieve their missions? Crowdsourcing is often the answer. Ever hear of Kiva, Ushahidi, Kickstarter, or the Crisis Commons? How about Wikipedia or Pepsi... Read more

Into the field

Many of us who work in the nonprofit sector spend our time in management and administrative tasks. In service to our missions, we make phone calls and send e-mails, prepare presentations, compose fundraising letter, manage staff. Though our

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