Raylene Decatur

Raylene Decatur works in the nonprofit community as a strategic planning and executive search consultant. She was formerly the president and CEO of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and chief operating officer of the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. She can be reached at rdecatur@decaturandcompany.com, www.decaturandcompany.com or 720- 201-3735.

Strategic planning: Is your board focusing on five external forces?

Strategic planning often gets a bad rap. And it’s easy to see why. Usually, we have a board retreat or take the staff off site and hold a big meeting. Much is said and brainstorming is vigorous,

Hiring talent: how nonprofit lifecycles impact culture and results

Organizational lifecycles analysis provides an effective diagnostic tool for examining how an organization has evolved as well as what opportunities and challenges lie ahead. Understanding what has been and what is to come is the foundation for predicting, analyzing and addressing effective organizational development. This lifecycle knowledge is especially effective when used in conjunction with... Read more

Improve your organizational performance by making great hires

The CausePlanet team invited me to respond to the Page to Practice™ book summary of “Match: A Systematic Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time” by Dan Ehrling. I would agree with Erling that human capital is the single most important factor in accelerating a nonprofit organization’s mission performance

Your nonprofit job search: Don’t waste time with the wrong people

The world’s most popular job-hunting book turns 40 this year. What Color is Your Parachute has inspired and supported generations of job hunters. One of the terms Richard Nelson Bolles coined in his seminal book is informational interview. An information interview is a meeting a job seeker schedules to ask for career or

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