Nell Edgington

Nell Edgington is President of Social Velocity (, a management consulting firm helping nonprofits bring more money in the door and create more social impact. She writes and speaks extensively, including writing the popular Social Velocity blog. Prior to Social Velocity, she led teams and strategic planning efforts, raised over $5 million annually, increased revenue in all categories by double- or triple-digit percentages, recruited and trained top talent and won national awards.  She has held positions at nonprofits across the country and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Learn from the downfall and turnaround of a large nonprofit

There was a really interesting article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy recently about a Los Angeles nonprofit for aging Hollywood actors that was in danger of closing its doors but is now raising hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s a rags to riches story that demonstrates how nonprofit leaders who embrace change when change is necessary can completely transform an organization.

Kick your fundraising plan to the curb

As any nonprofit leader will tell you, fundraising is not getting any easier. As we continue to slug along in a difficult economic environment, I’d like to outline a new vision for how the nonprofit sector receives funding. Fundraising in its current form just doesn’t work anymore. Indeed

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