Melissa Mendes Campos

Melissa Mendes Campos is a Senior Research Consultant at La Piana Consulting ( with 15 years of experience working with nonprofits and foundations. She specializes in qualitative research and analysis to help clients think in new ways and accelerate their impact and writes to inform the field. Contact her at

Using assessment to accelerate board performance

A nonprofit’s board of directors is one of its most valuable resources. Unfortunately, some organizational leaders take the board’s role for granted, allowing board service to settle into a comfortable status quo. Executive directors, alternately responding to major strategic challenges

Martial arts lessons for nonprofit managers

In 2012, nonprofits face another year of budget battles and political skirmishes, and the fight continues to intensify with the coming national election. Make no mistake. Nonprofits are in a full-fledged combat situation. Social, political, and economic forces have created a

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