Maggie Miller

As Principal of Maggie Miller Consulting, Maggie helps nonprofit organizations with all aspects of program evaluation and supports them in building capacity through training and coaching. Clients have included the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Public Library, the YWCA of Boulder County, and Rose Community Foundation. Ms. Miller teaches graduate coursework at Regis University and conducts workshops for the Colorado Nonprofit Association and Mountain States Employers Council.

Creating a new habit: Incorporating program evaluation into your daily operations

You are already busy enough. In fact, you’re busy running your programs. You don’t want to steal time away from actually doing the work and spend it on evaluation. Let’s face it: evaluation takes staff time, some expertise and money.At the same time, you know that evaluation is at the very least a necessary evil. I’ve been hearing this comment repeatedly, “More and more funders are demanding

Hire from within for your best evaluation team

One of your funders wants to see hard data, and another set of stakeholders needs touching stories that aren’t just cherry-picked anecdotes. You know you should evaluate your program. In fact,

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