Luis Vergara

Luis Vergara is a Senior Associate and the Director of Marketing and Communications at La Piana Consulting ( He brings more than 15 years of nonprofit management and consulting experience to the firm, with a special emphasis on organizations serving youth and communities of color. His consulting experience includes organizational and program development, branding and marketing, market research and strategy development. Contact him at

Don’t neglect your message in tough times

“We need to get our message across.” This is a common refrain by many nonprofits leaders and never has it been more relevant, given the current economic situation. In any organization, marketing and communications resources are usually the first

Serving the Latino community: Getting beyond translation

For years, nonprofits, for-profit corporations and even the government have discussed how to better reach the Latino Spanish-speaking community. Still, there are a lot of organizations that get it wrong or are unable to serve this population

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