Lester Olmstead-Rose

Lester Olmstead-Rose is a senior associate with La Piana Associates, whose work focuses on strategic planning. Before joining La Piana Consulting, he was Director of Government and Public Affairs for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), where he managed a team that served as liaison between PG&E and community leaders, awarded charitable contributions to nonprofit agencies, and functioned as a local government lobbyist. Contact him at olmstead-rose@lapiana.org.

Build on your organization’s strengths when developing strategy

Knowing Thyself is important for many reasons, but the most important benefit is to guide the organization in making major decisions by doing more of what it does best. Human nature is often to fret over our weaknesses. But individuals are more

Get back to basics with the first principle of strategy development

We all carry unexamined – or unstated – assumptions with us. When organizations initiate strategy development processes, these unexamined assumptions can lead to unsatisfying results: mis-communication along the way, time wasted gathering

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