Leslie Allen

Since her first nonprofit job for a cultural exchange organization in New York City, Leslie Allen was sold on the nonprofit sector. For 15 years she worked for Greenpeace where she learned how to communicate, inspire, and mobilize hundreds of thousands of donors through mail, phone, e-mail, social media, and good old face-to-face fundraising. She created a planned giving program that defied conventional wisdom and now raises millions each year. Today, she uses these successful experiences to guide her clients in Mexico, India, South Africa and the U.S.

Where’s the leak in your bucket?

You put a lot of effort into your fundraising. Whether you are the executive director, the development director, a board member or a volunteer, you know that every dollar raised counts. And you probably know that keeping a donor is much less expensive than getting a new one. But what you may not know is... Read more

Naysayers, roadblocks, and ways forward: Building consensus around your fundraising plan

This was originally posted at FrontRangeSource.com. Last week, Ann and I attended a great session of our Consultant Leadership Forum at the Denver Foundation. It’s a group of about 30 consultants – from a variety of backgrounds – who serve the nonprofit sector in our area. We gather once every couple of months and our... Read more

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