Kevin Raines

Kevin Raines founded Corona Insights in 1999, and now serves as the CEO and one of five principals in the firm. His niche is compiling data and numbers, both in the area of demographics and market research, and then figuring out what they mean. He has worked with over 250 clients in 30 states to help make the world a better place through research.

Assessing research quality: a quick tip for even the non-researchers

I serve on an advisory committee for a college program that trains organizational leaders, and at our last meeting there was a discussion about the curriculum for a research class. The committee chair looked at me and said, “Hey, you work in this field. What’s the most valuable research topic we can teach leaders?” My... Read more

Big data is not required for big insights

You’ve probably heard a lot about Big Data. Big Data is going to change the world. Big Data is going to change how organizations are run. Big Data is going to clean our garage and walk our dog. Big Data vs. Small/Medium Data And maybe Big Data will do that–for big organizations. If you’re Coke... Read more

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