Katya Andresen

Katya Andresen is Chief Operating Officer of Network for Good (www.networkforgood.org), an Internet nonprofit giving platform, as well as a speaker, author and blogger about nonprofit marketing, online outreach and the basics of social media. She is the author of the book, Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes (Jossey-Bass, 2006). Contact her at katya.andresen@networkforgood.org, or visit her blog at www.nonprofitmarketingblog.com.

Four things you need to know before pitching a corporate partner

When a company contributes to your cause, how does it affect how people feel about the company? If you’re a nonprofit, it’s important to be able to answer this question. Why? Because most companies have twin agendas when they support a cause: doing good and doing well

How to write a perfect donor thank you: a template and example

How many of us have had moments where we are reluctant to ask for help and understand the vulnerability that accepting it entails? I not only understand the difference I made, I think I understand something of the person I helped.

Three ways to avoid a social media time sink

Although it’s vital to dedicate time to social media, your social media efforts don’t need to consume your entire day. I thought I’d share a few tips I use to save time, while also delivering strong, comprehensive social media efforts

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