Karla Raines

Karla Raines serves as CEO and Principal at Corona Insights. Karla is a strategic leader, a seasoned executive leading strategy and implementing change at Corona and with clients every day. She sees new opportunities in a shifting strategic landscape and conveys them in a way that builds buy-in and excitement for her clients. Karla serves as an of counsel strategist to her clients in addition to her work leading major planning engagements. She has led over 100 consulting engagements at Corona. Karla is the creator of the Synergistic Business ModelTM – a framework for nonprofits. Visit www.coronainsights.com.

Pete, repeat and me

Pete and Prepeat sat on a fence. Pete fell off and who was left? Repeat. I don’t know about you but I always found that saying annoyed me more that it inspired me. I got a fresh take on the power of repeat just last week during a gathering of the Consultant Leadership Forum sponsored... Read more

Living the brand means rethinking the business model

A brand is much more than a logo, tagline or key message. It is an authentic expression of a nonprofit’s promise to the world. Branding experts agree our organizations alone don’t control our brands. Brands are cocreated with our stakeholders–-our audiences, volunteers, board members, funders, partners and

Strategy is a 24/7 endeavor

As nonprofits began adopting successful practices from the business community, they grabbed hold of one with an iron grip: strategic planning. However, in our efforts to embrace the practice, we confused the process of planning with the real work of

Naming and claiming the nonprofit business model

Over the years, I’ve observed executives tend to view their organizations by function. Staff departments and board committees are organized in a similar fashion–programs,

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