John Haydon

John Haydon is a consultant, speaker, author, partner and founder in all things social media. His company, Inbound Zombie, a social media strategy firm in Cambridge, MA, helps non-profits increase awareness, amplify engagement, and get more donations online. In addition to strategy development, Haydon and his team make WordPress websites, build custom Facebook Pages (and apps), and create content. You can visit John at

Six ways to get more website traffic from your Facebook page

One benefit of having a Facebook Page is that once you build up a healthy community, you can start directing it to your website to join an email list, sign a petition, donate or take some other action. But have you optimized your Facebook Page for this purpose? Here are six ways

Five ways to make your website content more awesome

Your website is your primary marketing machine on the internet. It’s the headwaters people go to when they want to swim upstream to find out what you’re really about

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