Jan Masaoka

Jan Masaoka is the Editor-in-Chief of Blue Avocado and CEO of the California Association of Nonprofits. She has been an executive director (of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services for 14 years), a board member and a board chair. She authored the book Best of the Board Cafe Second Edition which has many practical tools and concepts for nonprofit boards. She has suffered through many awkward conversations around executive evaluation, and confesses to having benefited from some hard-to-hear comments from the CompassPoint's board during evaluation.

Four ways to remove a board member

Occasionally, a board member needs to be removed from the board. In some cases, a conflict of interest or unethical behavior may be grounds to remove an individual from the board. In other cases, the behavior of a board member may

Organize your board to support the revenue strategy

Instead of focusing only on how board members can raise individual donations (or not!), think more broadly and effectively about how board members can support the key aspects of your organization's business/revenue strategy: In the quest for funds, there is no shortage of advice given to nonprofits

Evaluating the executive director

Virtually everyone agrees that boards should conduct performance reviews of executive directors (EDs or CEOs). Even so, the predominant practice is neglect, and the predominant feeling is resentment. The neglect comes from the board: only

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