Erica McGeachy Crenshaw

Erica McGeachy Crenshaw is the President/CEO of ExecuteNow!, a client-focused finance and accounting firm. A former Wall Street equity research analyst with over 16 years of finance experience, McGeachy Crenshaw left leading global investment bank Goldman Sachs in 2002 upon purchasing the New York City rights to AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service, the leading home inspection company in North America with over 400 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Within seven years, Mrs. Crenshaw grew the business at a rapid clip and became one of the top 20 franchise owners in the AmeriSpec system within three years. While running AmeriSpec, McGeachy Crenshaw launched ExecuteNow!, which focuses on two types of clients: nonprofit organizations and private companies with up to $20 million in revenue. Mrs. Crenshaw also helped launch a start-up charter school in New Orleans, where she became the founding finance director.

The worst of economic times brought out the best in nonprofits

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” American economist and NYU professor Paul Romer was credited for saying in 2004. His sentiment, unfortunately, is appropriate again today as nonprofits throughout the sector learn from tough decisions that help them recover from the Great Recession and what we are now seeing will likely be dubbed,... Read more

Financial trends affecting your nonprofit in 2015

At Execute Now!, we’re often in the unique position of having a broad perspective on what trends affect financial management in the nonprofit sector due to the wide range of clients we serve. During this time of year, the legislative sessions are gearing up for what’s on the horizon in 2015. Most recently, we heard... Read more

Evaluate the true costs of a merger in three phases

“The benefits of mergers are what motivate organizations to consider this option, but the costs are not always clear at the outset,” explains Thomas McLaughlin, author of Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances and director of consulting services for the Nonprofit Finance Fund. Unfortunately, many nonprofits struggle to overcome internal nuances that make organizations susceptible to external... Read more

7 ways companies will change how they invest in you

According to Credit Suisse’s latest Global Wealth report, Americans’ median net worth is just $44,900 per adult, placing the U.S. in 19th place behind Japan, Canada, Australia and much of Western Europe. An interesting statistic when you consider the level of individual philanthropy in the U.S. as compared with other countries. While individual giving is... Read more

Find out what’s missing in your funder conversations

Words can inform our mind, thrill our spirit or destroy our self confidence. Some call language a “tool of transformation.” No matter the intent behind your words, leading nonprofit thinkers agree the power of language is evident in every aspect of the sector. The influence of language couldn’t be more obvious than in the article... Read more

Donors: Help your causes ask the right questions

“The sector has fallen into a trap we created. By focusing on what we DON’T spend, and not on what has been accomplished, we have completely missed the mark in our messaging. We are part of this problem and it’s up to us to educate our way out of it,” asserted Paulette Maehara, former president... Read more

Four trends will impact your financial management

Many of us wish we had a crystal ball for strategic planning and financial forecasting. Marc Chardon, CEO of nonprofit software provider Blackbaud, came close to this wish in his article last month, “Peering into the Nonprofit Crystal Ball.” He identified four key trends that will have the strongest impact on the nonprofit sector this year based on his observations and conversations with leaders in the

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